Until a few years ago, Network Security was not considered to be an integral part of the IT industry. However, with emerging challenges and threat of cyber-crimes and data breaches this is not the case anymore. It is now the highest priority for any businesses across the globe. Most of the businesses are gradually going  digital so it’s important to comprehend the value of network security. The digital industry has made its footprints in Media, Legal, Real Estate, Financial Sector, Retail, Medicine, Telecom & FMCG. The transition has been quick and fast, and it has expedited 10 times with the arrival of Covid-19.

At SkySail Technologies, we ensure that our esteemed clients have the requisite Network Security in place to flourish in the digital world.

Here are 5 reasons that highlight the importance of network and computer security.

1. Data Integrity

With businesses going online, the importance of data security has increased. Data integrity is a key component of the tender process and it would be difficult for any business to survive if it does not have a robust data system in place. In today’s world, Data is the most valuable resource; even more than oil! In fact, governments across the globe are putting in place regulations pertaining to their local data collection & storage, and the concept of data mining, storage, integrity is only going to get bigger in times to come. We, at SkySail Technologies have an impeccable track record in security and virus protection and are amongst one of the best & qualified service providers

2. Network security is Business security

Network Security reduces and eliminates the risk of data sabotage, theft, protects workstations from viruses and spyware. The technology is evolving fast and so are the associated risks. Hence, it is noteworthy to consider that your IT security provider should have years of experience in this domain. SkySail Technologies has a dedicated team of senior network engineers well versed with the latest network advancements. Our team will ensure that our client’s businesses are firewall from any potential malware attacks.

3. Network Security Should be Your Primary Goal

Primary goal of any business is to ensure that its computers and networks are well protected. Several countries globally have strict guidelines pertaining to network security. The licenses in these countries are issued only to the companies who have robust security systems in place. We, at SkySail Technologies treat our clients as our valued partner and always strive to deliver the best results. In simple terms we are an ideal partner for any firm venturing into the online domain. This holds true for companies from any of the streams listed above as well as to those in travel and tourism, hotel & hospitality industries.

4. Keeping Your Data Guarded

Online business is no longer limited to having websites or apps. The businesses have evolved manifolds and so has the definition of network security. IT security now encompasses software, hardware as well as cloud services. Therefore, our role is not only to prevent confidential information but to also ensure that the data is kept handy, easily available, effortlessly recoverable and to maintain a strong long-lasting data repository. There can be no better IT partner than SkySail Technologies – To us, relationships matter.


5. Regular Maintenance and Upgrade

We at SkySail Technologies understand the significance of security and act as a business partner for our esteemed clients. We have a robust network policy whereby we regularly maintain and upgrade network security. This is done by using highly secure authentication methods, software upgrades, setting strong cybersecurity rules, data encryption, securing and protecting external network accesses and conducting regular security audits. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of network researchers, constantly looking out for security improvements. It is for these very reasons that SkySail Technologies is today one of the most trusted service providers for Network Security.

If you haven’t given any thought to your network security, now is the right time to start and reach out to SkySail – your Technology Success Partner, who can assist in answering your questions.