Why Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Digitalization has taken the world by storm. The adoption of digitization is forcing enterprise & medium scale companies not being able to survive without technology and a digital presence. Let’s look at the  “website; the website has become the face, the brand and the personality of the company. In addition, emails have become the main form of communication and the cloud has become the storage closet. With everything going online, it has its own thread which businesses have diligently tried to avoid. Digital information is an asset to cyber threats and they will be on the lookout for the right time to strike. It is the duty of the company stakeholders  to have an essential backup and disaster recovery system to tackle the situation.


Why is Data Recovery Vital?

In the time of crisis, like a natural disaster or a  pandemic, cyber threats bop their ugly heads leaving companies data exposed. Due to the growing online trends and adoption of these attacks it is paramount that businesses protect their data against the unknown threats that might pop from any side. Putting insight into a few unseen hazards will lay the framework as to why backup and disaster recovery services are more in today’s technological landscape.  The 25+ years experience at SkySail allows us to  to provide the best valued data recovery solution.

Natural Disasters are Unavoidable

Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. The outbreak of floods, storms, fire, and pandemics can do irreparable damage to your entity. If you don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan then  recovering your data might become a strenuous job. Resuming operations will be very difficult to sustain as  it might put the future of the company in jeopardy. At SST, we provide robust technology solutions that will give a helping hand just in the nick of time to Escape from Cyber Attacks

No matter what business you are running when you are online you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The technology of cyber attackers has also evolved and compromised the whole system if proper measures are not taken. What is the main target of cybercrimes? 

Answer is: It is data. Once your data has a loophole that is more than enough for malware or viruses to blow it and take it. If there are no recovery options this might happen within just a matter of time. At SkySail Technologies, we are as tech-savvy as the cyber bullies and can break any multi-pronged attack before serious implications occur.

Downtime is no Joke

If you are losing data, then you are also experiencing downtime. When this happens it becomes hard on the employees and it hurts the company’s intellectual property (IP).  Businesses will be forced to stop and they won’t know how to move forward without access to company DATA. In the case of a system crash, hardware failure, and cyber thefts, without recovery & backup options will cause severe downtime effective the companys bottom line. During extreme situations, companies will  have to start from square one and rebuild whatever was lost.  Instant response to any problem is our goal to keep the clients on the track.

Your Business Trust is at Stake

Let’s paint a scenario,  your business is based in the financial sector, and a data breach occurs or a natural disaster hits you.Lets say  you have a backup you can get the operations back on the track and assure your customers that everything is under control. The result here is ideal, however if the situation were different and you don’t have a disaster recovery service at hand you would lose your customers trust, and your reputation would be negatively impacted also. This will in turn put your business at stake, leaving it vulnerable to closure or bankruptcy. At SkySail Technologies, with reliable, responsive and transparent procedures, help businesses to build trust in the field.


No business is immune to the vulnerabilities that are out there and the same goes for online data. With proper backup and disaster recovery services, you can to a great extent protect your company from falling into a void. We provide a multi-faceted solution to IT services. With our years of experience across various sectors including Hardware and Software to Cloud Services, Remote Management, and Monitoring, Network Support, Security, Virus Protection, and Disaster Recovery and Backup Services – we achieve the best technology for your company. You can use the disaster recovery & backup service to shield your data from digital threats.