The impact of an unforeseen change is extremely severe on small businesses as compared to large corporates. The bigger companies have a robust balance sheet, cash flow and streamlined investments in place to be liquidated in their hour of need. 

They can easily tide over stock market crash, Geopolitical issues, mid level recession or a pandemic such as Covid-19. However, the same cannot be said about small business owners. They are the most impacted by any negative news and Coronavirus is no different. This has also been established by the recent Coronavirus poll conducted by US Chamber of Commerce. Nevertheless, this is where we, SkySail Technologies can help small business owners. We are a leading IT Service provider and Technology Success Partner.

Technology Helps with Acceleration & Growth 

We understand the need for Technology in Business and have tailor made solutions in the form of Technology for Small Business Owners, Midsized firms and Partners looking to outsource their IT needs. We are a company that thrives on achieving goals by following standard operating procedures. 

We understand your business needs and customize cost effective, efficient, and lasting solutions. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well versed with the latest technological advancements, IT, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing trends along with the associated legal framework. We not only ensure that our customers have the best experience but also help to drive their growth as a business partner, consultant and mentor. 

Growth dynamics are extremely fragile and can be easily impacted with any small change in technology, techno legal framework, digital business rules and cyber security. Having a reliable, trustworthy, flexible and growth-oriented business partner in the form of SkySail Technologies can help lessen the impact of these changes. 


We have been a partner in the successful business journeys of our customers. We have a proven track record of enabling Technology for Small Business Owners and being a part of their success. Technology cuts costs, helps tracking, increases efficiency and above all is easily scalable. We pride ourselves on providing quality service to our customers. Our clients can have peace of mind in terms of service, quality, commitment, turnaround, availability and costing. Our long-term commitments stem from the fact that we are not a mere consultant but a technology success partner. In other words, we grow as you grow! For any business, we are here to drive change and bring a long-term revolution to the way IT services are delivered!

When looking for a Technology Success Partner, here are some key questions you will want to ask them: 

  1. Will you work with us to develop a Technology Roadmap 
  2. Do you provide more than a Break / Fix Model 
  3. Do your services provide coaching and training when it comes to managing internal IT protocols 
  4. Do you have a Secure plan or strategy when it comes to managing remote desktops 
  5. What does your value proposition and service plan include 

These are only a few questions to ask. Every business is different. We would love to help. 

SkySail offers a bouquet of IT Services for startups, small business owners, mid-sized firms and for companies looking for partial IT services in the field of data, security and product management. Our services range from fully managed to partially managed. And reaching out to us is even simpler. You can reach out to us either by email – or via phone – (877) 999-4759 (4SKY) | (250) 469-7119 or you can simply fill out a quick connect form by visiting our 

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