Covid-19 has changed the world that we once knew. It has not only  changed the way we do  businesses,  but it also has changed the way we use technology in our everyday lives. Overnight, companies and individuals have changed their perception on how they value technology. Not only have many companies been adapting to technology to interact with their new remote teams, but also people of all ages and levels have been adopting technologies to stay connected with their loved ones. 

Today businesses must adapt to change and be flexible enough to operate remotely and ensure complete client retention with data , provide quick turnaround times, maintain security, and prevent risk of viruses. 

Proactive IT Managed Services with SkySail Technologies

Without a global pandemic many organizations already found it difficult to manage their operations because of factors like growth, infrastructure requirements and change. Often when companies are faced with these challenges they seek vendors and partners who can help them scale their business by streamlining technology, people and processes. This is where we, SkySail Technologies, a top-notch Managed Services Provider comes into play. SkySail is not like many Managed Service Providers in the market; SkySail thrives on building long lasting partnerships by becoming a Technology Success Partner. At SkySail we treat our clients like you would treat a guest in your home. To us, relationships matter. 

SkySail Technologies: Technology Success Partners 

SkySail Technologies is not only a reliable, trustworthy and transparent Technology Success Partner, we are  also impeccable in coaching and leading its esteemed clients into a growth trajectory. 

SkySail offers a full range of Managed IT Services that cater to needs of small, medium and enterprise business with diverse needs from hands off monitoring to a full scale, on site Technology Team. Our service delivery ranges from remote management & monitoring to onsite implementation of hardware and software solutions. Plus, our core business is providing owners and operators a clear vision and technology roadmap of their corporate IT structure. Many companies do not see IT as a part of their business and through or coaching we help clear the misconception. 

SkySail Technologies: Secure Managed IT services 

We also provide customer requirements in terms of office desktop and user support, cloud services and security and virus protection. As we experience businesses going digital and working from home being the new normal, the threat of virus attacks has increased like never before. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported a fivefold increase in cyber related attacks post Covid-19 breakout. The WHO has called for greater surveillance both at personal as well as corporate level. Hence, security and virus protection has been one of the preferred types of Managed Services. And when it comes to cyber threat and virus protection, there can be no better alternative than SkySail Technologies Managed IT Service Packages. SkySail leverages the latest technological advancements and ensures that the end user can continue to have seamless IT experience without fear or prejudice of virus & cyber threats.

Other Managed Services we provide includes backup and disaster management along with network services. In other words, we offer a complete range of IT Services and Consultation solutions under one roof. Our service offerings are ideal for law firms, technology firms, financial institutes, manufacturers, retailers, E-Commerce, Public Sector  and Digital Solution providers. 

SkySail comes fully equipped with a knowledgeable and dedicated team of senior technology consultants that follow a documented scalable methodology leaving clients with little to no downtime, allowing them to focus on growing their core business. At SkySail we treat every client as a partner and collaborate and brainstorm viable technical solutions that will set the business up to win in a changing uncertain economy. Our consultants come with 25+ years experience of systems, software and processes.

SkySail Technologies packages: INTERESTED, ENGAGED & PARTNER provide a diverse approach to any organizations corporate technology needs.

We can manage, guide and devise an IT strategy for companies to ensure their core focus remains on business. As we experience a paradigm shift in business, SkySail Technologies are here to work with you in providing a proactive approach to your technological and business needs. We are an agile, knowledgeable firm ready to jump in and help your company grow. In these changing times, there can be no better IT partner than SkySail Technologies – a leader in Managed IT Services.