When it comes to business communications, Telephones have evolved.

What is VOIP

VOIP is a technology that allows you to make a direct call either from your phone, computer, tablet, or any other data driven device. It basically converts your voice into digital signal and is commonly known as Voice over Internet protocol. 

We at SkySail Technologies have an impeccable track record of setting up dedicated VoIP for our esteemed customers. Our dedicated team of well qualified and trained professionals thoroughly study your business requirement comprising but not limited to infrastructure, bandwidth, remote setup, technological needs and requirements, legal framework, etc. to device your VOIP requirement.

VoIP Basics & Benefits

It is a common illusion amongst startup businesses and more so amongst small entities to use free Voice over Internet protocol services such as Skype, WhatsApp, or CatchUp. 

However, they end up disregarding that businesses are carried out within the defined legal environment. They come equipped with their own network and security challenges. In fact, cyber threat is the most common and prominent technology disaster that a business needs to guard against. Nevertheless, we at SkySail Technologies have these bases covered for you. We ensure that your business has proper firewalls, well safeguarded against any current or potential tech threat and growth is your only focus.

VOIP in a Remote Work force

The rise of Covid-19 has given rise to remote working, and this is here to stay for a while. The world has been working remotely for well over 6 months now and till the time the vaccine is developed & distributed to billions of people across the globe, the remote work environment is here to stay. In fact, many large corporations have already announced that the bulk of their workforce will continue to work from home in years to come. This essentially means that the need for VOIP will continue to rise manifold.


Having said this, every business comes equipped with its own set of challenges and Voice over Internet protocol is no different. Since many big countries have stakes in these businesses, it is imperative for you to choose the right VoIP which is legally allowed in geographies that you operate.

  The use of VOIP is directly correlated to ongoing geopolitical issues across the globe. Several big corporations and countries have officially or unofficially asked their employees and citizens respectively to uninstall Zoom from their systems. They have been asked to refrain using Zoom services for potential security threats. Hence, it is important that your choice of Voice over Internet protocol fits well within the defined legal laws of the land. Nonetheless, we at SkySail Technologies offer comprehensive VoIP services to our customers. This not only includes the choice of technology, legal framework, costing, security, associated terms and conditions but also incorporates their customized needs. 

At SkySail, we understand that starting the business could be easy but sustaining and growing it could be much more complex. We do not treat our esteemed clients as mere customers, but we regard them as our dedicated business partners. For us, our customers’ growth is our prosperity and their success is our destination!

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