At SkySail Technologies, our Managed IT Services also include an array of services such as maintaining networks, application, infrastructure and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration. Additional services also include system admin on top of a third-party cloud base software and hardware. At SkySail Technologies we help manage companies in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and West Kelowna. We also provide remote IT services as well. 

Why is SkySail technologies Managed IT Services important?

  • Managed IT Services is important because It aligns the outcomes of the organization. SkySail Technologies is incentivised to do a very good job; It is our goal to  to minimize problems for your organization and we have Key Performance Indicators directly linked to the efficiency all our Managed IT Services 
  • At SkySail our IT experts give you peace of mind. We know that you’re not an IT expert. Skysail Technologies  takes care of your IT so you can focus on running your business.
  • Proactive support. SkySail Technologies managed IT services’  include proactive support. SkySail of the company will merely identify any technical problems before they happen, and we keep your systems up and your problems down.
  • Strategic IT planning. Strategic planning can consist of a Technology rRoadmap or a Technology Strategic Journey. This outlines what kind of IT systems a company may need in 12 or 24 months’ time.  This level of planning helps companies think ahead and give you advice on what they need to be planning from an IT department. This links to proactive support and ensures that a companys’ IT infrastructure and software is upgraded and updated to minimise risks such as downtime, viruses and crashes.
  • Complete outsourced IT. SkySail Managed services gives you access to a complete IT department. You don’t just get day-to-day IT support; you also get an IT manager and a virtual CIO so you can think strategically about how IT fits into an organization.

When looking for a  Managed IT Provider, are some things to consider: 

Here are some challenges that you need to be aware of when looking to move to a managed services arrangement.

  • Holding Managed IT providers accountable. The reason you go with IT managed services is because you want to improve your operational efficiency and remove the amount of IT problems or roadblocks that affect your team. It is important to hold IT Manage Providers accountable and make sure they are delivering these improvements. Most providers will offer effective reporting so you can see exactly how much work they are doing for you and how much improvement in efficiency and productivity they are providing.
  • Getting strategic IT planning from your Managed IT Provider:  As part of a managed service contract, you should get strategic IT planning. You might struggle to see the benefits of a managed services contract if you don’t get this component. Make sure that your IT firm is proactively planning for the next 12 or 24 months and that it has strategies in place to improve IT infrastructure and upgrade software.
  • Finding a Managed IT provider with a good track record. You need to check the track record of your provider before engaging in a contract. They should be able to demonstrate a track record on delivering proactive service and measurable outcomes. Check references and user testimonials before you commit, and ask what clients they have, and if they have experience dealing with companies similar to yours.

At Skyail Technologies we provide an array of Managed IT services for the Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and West Kelowna areas. We also have remote services for companies located in other cities. SkySail is your choice IT provider. 

SkySail Technologies provide Service Packages that contain either partial or full support and management on the following services:

SkySail Technologies Managed IT services

  • Remote Management and Monitoring 
  • Desktop & User Support (Office) 
  • Cloud Services
  • Security & Virus Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Services
  • Network Support Services
  • Hardware and Softwar