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LawFirms Migrating to Cloud
Migrating to the cloud can mean a multitude of things. There are private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and cloud applications. What works for one firm may not be the best choice for every firm. It is important to look at firm needs holistically before evaluating options. Learn more about why more Firms are migrating to the cloud.
Defend against spam, phishing, malware & more with Proofpoint. Proofpoint email protection gives businesses an extra layer of cyber security. Use it to safeguard your email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously helping to ensure compliance and business continuity.
Your business security is a top priority. Ransomware attacks against small businesses have increased by 365% in the last year.  And the average cost of a ransom has risen to over $36,000. You can’t afford to fall victim to cyber-crimes. Fortunately, SkySail Technologies and Bitdefender can help protect you.
SkySail Services & Consulting
SkySail Technologies is about people, partnerships and promise. At SkySail Technologies we provide IT services and IT consulting services for small to medium sized businesses. We specialize in Accounting and Legal firms in the Okanagan area. To learn more – download our one page below.


S.P.A refers to Single Point of Accountability. This package is great for companies who need a IT Partner for your business. Here we will help plan, manage and take care of all your IT needs, so you can focus on your core business

P.O.C refers to Point of Contact. In this package our SkySail Tech Team will partner your key IT point of contact to collaborate and take care of all your IT needs. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!