What is Antivirus Software or virus removal services

Antivirus Software or virus removal services is a data security utility which is installed in a computer system with a purpose of protection from viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, Trojans, phishing attacks, spam attack, and other online cyber threats. 

An antivirus software or virus removal services, as the name indicates, is a program that works against a virus. It detects or recognizes the virus, and then after detecting the presence of the virus, it works on removing it from the computer system. Antivirus software works as a prophylactic so that it not only eliminates a virus but also prevents any potential virus from infecting your computer in the future.

Why we use Virus Removal Services

To prevent virus attacks on our computer and Technology systems, many users and companies will use a virus removal system such as an antivirus software for both reactive and preventative measures. In case your computer is attacked by a virus, it can affect your computer in the following ways:

  • Slow down the computer
  • Damage or delete files
  • Reformat hard disk
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Data loss
  • Inability to perform any task on the computer or the internet


SkySail Technologies virus removal services are like a ray of bright light in a world full of dark viruses. The number of advantages that they offer are countless. Some of the most prominent advantages are:

Protection from viruses and their transmission

Antivirus software mainly performs a prophylactic function. It detects any potential virus and then works to remove it. Keep in mind that all this is mostly done before the virus gets to harm the system. So, this means that most of the viruses are countered way before they get to do any harm to your systems. An antivirus may combat many viruses in a single day without your knowledge. Avast and Norton are some of the most popular antivirus software that is available in the market these days.

Block spam and ads

Pop-up ads and spam websites are one the most used gateways by the viruses to infect your computer and then damage your files.

Defense against hackers and data thieves using Malware

Hackers usually use a malware or virus program to access their victim’s computer. They install malware into the computer without the knowledge of the victim. Hackers do so by sending malicious emails to the victims. Then the hacker can easily hack into their desired files and programs.

Ensures protection from removable devices

Think of the times you have transferred data to and from your computer by using removable devices such as USBs. Countless, right?

You might have suffered from slowing down your computer or a computer crash after connecting a friend’s USB. Ever wondered why that happened? The USB or removable device served as a transmission device for a virus. So, should you stop using removable devices because you never know which USB might contain a virus?

Protects your data and files

Antivirus software keeps an eye on all the files that enter your system. All those files are put under a scan to check for any peculiarity or maliciousness. Viruses can easily be transmitted to your network via infected files, and these, in turn, can potentially harm your data and files. You may even suffer the complete loss of your precious data at the hands of such viruses.

Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks

A firewall, in general, monitors incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer network. When coupled with antivirus, firewall protection double checks every file or piece of data that you send or transfer from your computer via the internet to another network.

Limit the access of websites to enhance web protection

Accessing unauthorized websites can expose your computer system to several cyber threats, including spyware, hackers, ransomware, etc. These threats can potentially risk your data and files. An antivirus software limits your web access to restrict your activities on unauthorized networks.

Protects your password

You protect your valuable data and accounts with a password, and then you think that your data and accounts are protected. But what if someone steals your passwords using a virus?