We are a PEOPLE FIRST company

We are a PEOPLE FIRST company.  Hear that before?  Lots of people say that, but few of them walk the walk.  We do our very best to always remember that when we work with others.  At SkySail we are all about the people we work with. Those people are not just our staff and clients, but our vendors, delivery people, the mail person.  Everyone we interact with for any reason deserves respect and appreciation as they all add to our successful business.

Our Team ROCKS!

Darren Gratton is an accomplished IT professional with 25+ years experience. Darren’s core genius revolves around providing effective and comprehensive support to clients as well as the staff of SkySail. Darren manages clients in the IT growth process and streamlines business processes to better service the businesses he works with. He has an uncanny ability to solve problems.  Darren is loved for his quirky personality; he is a fun guy who knows how to make IT simple for his clients. Darren is a huge advocate for helping people and companies grow both professionally and personally.

Darren Gratton

Founder & Technology Coach , SkySail Technologies

Staci Gratton is a professional with strong abilities in providing effective and comprehensive support. Staci manages and streamlines business operations, human resources, client management and corporate growth at SkySail Technologies. And in case you were wondering Staci is the rock star wife of Darren Gratton. Staci keeps the operational side of the business running. She has top notch organization skills that serve everyone around her.  When Staci isn’t developing SOP’s or managing the business she can be found creating works of art in Photoshop or in the kitchen. She is an amazing cook!

Staci Gratton

Chief Operations Officer , SkySail Technologies

Adam Kilshaw brings 8 years of IT experience and is a professional with strong abilities in providing effective and comprehensive support to SkySail clients. Adam manages and streamlines IT Services and consulting among SkySail users and partners. Adam loves using technology to find innovative and effective ways to make clients more efficient and secure. Adam has a keen sense of healthy living, when he is not out saving the world, you can find him in the gym, practicing Jiu Jitsu or devouring a late lunch full of goodness.

Adam Kilshaw

Technology Consultant , SkySail Technologies

Bhavin Bhavsar brings 8 years of IT and MSP experience and is a professional with strong abilities in providing effective and comprehensive support to SkySail clients. Bhavin is our newest member and can most often be found running the helpdesk and providing great services to our family of clients. Bhavin is driven by knowledge, he has a passion for learning new things – big or small. Bhavin’s first love is his family and second is everything technology.

Bhavin Bhavsar

Technology Consultant , SkySail Technologies

Sharmila Singh Brings 18+ years of marketing and 5+ years of integrator experience to the team. Sharmila works with the SkySail team to ensure they are moving toward their business goals by implementing Key Objectives and Key Performance Indicators in their quarterly and annual plans. In addition, Sharmila also helps manage all outbound and inbound marketing activities for the business. When Sharmila is not wearing 20 hats – you can find her at any spa getting a 2-hour massage.


Sharmila Singh

Integrator, SkySail Technologies

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