Why You Should Take Technology Disaster Preparedness Seriously

The rapid development of globalization & global economy has given exponential rise to E-Commerce, Digitalization, and Information Technology innovations. In addition, the impact of digitalization has now gone local and no business or entity can survive today without a robust digital footprint.

SkySail Technologies (SST), your Technology Success Partner(TSP),  can help you prosper, grow and build a firewall against digital hazards. With our managed IT service provider services, you can be rest assured that your business will not be impacted by any of the technology disasters

Digitalization comes with it’s own advantages and challenges; that is why, it is important that users remain guarded and procure services from a trusted IT service provider, like SST.t SkySail Technologies has 25+ years of experience in serving customers across segments ranging from Hardware & Software to Cloud Services, Remote Management and Monitoring, Network Support, Security, Virus Protection and Disaster Recovery & Backup Services. (the list goes on)

When analyzing disaster preparedness it is important to note  if the source or cause is natural or a man-made cyber threat. Natural disasters include flooding, fire, earthquake, or Covid-19 pandemic that has spread across the globe, whereas the tech threats are hidden and more dangerous in the form of hackers, spam, and viruses. These include but are not limited to deep fake voice technology, artificial intelligence backed cyberattacks, cloud jacking or deep fakes (form of AI to make images of fake events). 

Cyber threats have the potential to derail even the well-established businesses. Nevertheless, we at SkySail Technologies are well equipped to safeguard against any of the listed or potential technology disasters. Having said this, here are some of the unseen hazards pertaining to tech threats. They also highlight as to why you should take disaster preparedness seriously.

  • Data Theft or Data Loss
    One of the first and foremost impacts of cyber attacks is data compromise. Your data could be lost forever, if the proper safeguards are not in place – permanent data loss cannot be ruled out. Data recovery could be a tedious task. Furthermore, this could also land your business in legal trouble if client information is compromised leading to unforeseen reputation-based damages and monetary fines.

  • Financial impact
    If you are in the banking sector, stockbroking, insurance business or you are a third-party financial intermediary then the impact of cyber threats could have a dual negative impact in your business. Not only will these attacks lead to invalid financial transactions thereby leading to financial losses but could also have post financial ramifications by way of effecting  client payments.

  • Partial Recovery
    It is possible that these threats could be carried out by some of the established hackers outside the country. In all such cases, the issue resolution could be challenging as it involves a multi-pronged strategy. The data recovery could also be a long-drawn battle with a high chance that only partial data protection or recovery is possible once the attack has been initiated. Another reason  to have the safeguards in place.

We at SkySail Technologies are well versed in the latest technological trends and hazards. We are trained to overcome any of these challenges. We have dedicated experts available round the clock for our clients. Our team is extremely reliable, passionate, tech savvy, transparent and above all is compassionate about our esteemed customers needs. With us you can be rest assured that your business is in safe hands and growth is your only destination!

Make sure you have a Technology Disaster Plan. If you don’t we can help, call us or BOOK A TECH DISCOVERY CALL NOW