SkySail Technologies is a leading Cloud Computing service provider to all of the Okanagan, Greater Vancouver and the Kootenays. 

Cloud Computing Services essentially is a virtual office that enables a business to operate remotely without any hindrance with respect to time, place or physical space. It enables data access via website or app for any internet enabled device such as computer, laptop, mobile or tablet. So in times of natural disasters, travel and pandemics – the cloud keeps up productivity and efficiency 

We at SkySail Technologies have a dedicated track record of setting up Cloud Computing Services for our customers in Canada. Our customer base ranges from startups and small businesses to mid-sized firms and outsourcing companies. We are known for helping legal firms manage their Infrastructure and Data. 

Cloud Computing - Virtual

We offer tailor made and customized cloud computing solutions depending on our customers’ needs, data requirement, target audience and geography. 

Here are some of the benefits for small and medium sized firms for migrating their business to cloud computing.

  • Steep reduction in IT costs 

Setting up good IT infrastructure requires capital expenditures. . However, with our cloud-based services, our customers stand to gain significantly on their infrastructure costs. They no longer must pay for system upgrades, hardware equipment or face system down time. Furthermore, our clients also stand to gain significantly on staff wages, facility uplift cost and power consumption bills.

  • Flexibility 

Our cloud services provide our customers the flexibility to scale their business up or down depending on their business needs or macro environment. It enables the small business to scale up to mid-size without having to worry about the infrastructure cost. Thus, our clients can peacefully concentrate on scaling up their business rather than worrying about the infrastructure cost.

  • Business Continuity Plan

The evolution of cloud computing has meant that our customers do not have to worry about floods, storms, power failure or any other natural disaster. Their data is stored securely in a cloud environment. This ensures business continuity even in extremely challenging environments, with little to no downtime. This is critical in this new technology age when most business is conducted online. Covid-19 is a classic example of how cloud services have ensured business continuity even in extremely challenging environments.

  • Dynamic work environment

Our cloud services enable clients to offer flexible work times to their employees. The employees do not need to sit in the office for extra hours. They can log off on time and can connect for any additional work from home through secured virtual connections. The employees have complete flexibility of work. This ensures higher productivity and lower attrition rate.

  • Auto updates

Cloud computing evolution is not limited to only the benefits listed above. It also includes the feature for auto update. However, this benefit may require an additional subscription depending on the size of the business. The auto update functionality ensures that the system is regularly updated with the latest technology.

The benefits of cloud computing do come equipped with some parallel challenges. These challenges range from data confidentiality, compliance, internet connectivity, data mobility and technical connection. However, we at SkySail Technologies have a dedicated team of IT specialists that is well equipped and are available round the clock for troubleshooting any issues. We are not just a service provider but a technology success partner!