Are you aware of this saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” 

This golden saying fits perfectly with the ever-changing challenges faced by the IT sector.

Business downtime is the perfect example of this saying. Downtime leads to a cascade of events like decline in customer retention, minimized productivity, data failure, and ultimately the loss of revenue. Having a wise and well thought out plan of prevention in place is necessary to mitigate any loss of business. We at SkySail Technologies offer robust and curated solutions to businesses to manage the adversities of downtime and aid in a timely recovery.

At SkySail Technologies we provide reliable and trustworthy service to our customers, by providing well-rounded solutions for any type of downtime problem and preventing further loss of  reputation and efficiency of the company. When a network crashes, companies are left scrambling with a wide array of costly consequences. According to research, the average cost when a system is down is about $5,600 per minute. Yes you read that right! 

This number can increase depending on the scope and size of the company. Here is a list of what downtime really costs your business.

Understanding what is at stake

The scenarios of system downtime may vary but the things at stake can be narrowed down to the following

  • Revenue loss
  • Loss of employee productivity
  • Increased recovery costs
  • Loss of data (some forever)
  • A ripple effect in the supply chain
  • Consequential damage to the brand image
  • Loss of customers

These factors are ultimately a path to self-destruction for established organizations. With our experience and technology, we provide the best possible solutions for our customers and save their companies from becoming a sinking ship. Our tech-savvy experts ensure the best data recovery and disaster management strategies are implemented in the right place so that issues like downtime won’t be a problem.

Toll on Productivity

Apart from the expenditures to fix the problem, downtime takes a toll on employee productivity. Businesses today revolve around effective online communications and services. From email to virtual chat and management systems everything will come to a screeching halt. Above all, with high reliance on cloud services,  in many cases network downtime will leave the employees with nothing to do, the cost of labor and operating costs have to be paid regardless of network availability which can hit hard on the company’s bottom line. At SkySail Technologies we build recovery protocols so that companies can recover quickly. With cutting-edge frameworks, we minimize the impact of such issues on the growth of the company.

Loss of Data

The biggest worry for any company is data loss or data exposure due to a server outage. This has the potential to be catastrophic if data backups aren’t in place. This can open the door to cyberattacks. Even if the data is secure the sudden panic and inability to access data will reduce  customer confidence. SkySail’s managed service model will keep your data protected around the clock even in times of hardship.


Damage to your Brand

Another major impact of downtime is damage to brand awareness and company reputation. Losing network access can cause immediate pain in loss of productivity and opportunities; and in addition to this, it can cause long term effects like brand damage. If outages become frequent, customers will become reluctant to use your company’s services which directly impacts the brand. Our quick response time and technology know-how allows us to keep our clients up and running smoothly, which is our ultimate goal. 


Accidents happen and usually at the most unexpected time. A systematic and multi-faceted technology strategy, implemented by a skilled team will reduce the impact of these accidents and make the road to recovery easier.  Get in touch with us today and our passionate, talented, and skilled experts will take your business to the next level.