The importance of Email & the Cloud 

Companies are evolving and growing faster than ever  with the integration of new technologies. As a result, email has come a long way since its invention in the late 1960s. In 2020  electronic mails (emails) have become an unavoidable form of communication in companies Though it has become one of the most used tools in companies, it is the one that is least thought about by many. With thousands of emails scooting in and out from an office, they house about 75 percent of companies’ intellectual property. With so much in its vault emails need something much more than a backup that is “Archiving”.

Realistically, every company should have a backup of every email excluding spams emails, however that is not always the case. Archiving your emails will help users perform all sorts of functions like filtering, sorting, and analyzing every email that is in the system. Scouring through thousands of emails can never be easy. The Best Way to organize your emails: Just Archive Them

Are you jumbled on where to archive such a bulky number of emails for an efficient and scalable solution? The answer is simple; The Cloud.  

5 reasons why you should consider an upgrade & why cloud archives can be your best bet.

Email & Cloud

Shield your intellectual property

Email is a repertory of companies’ intellectual property. For instance, your company is working on a new project and you want to analyze the previous sales report of a similar project you mailed to your employer a few months back. You can just go to the email archive and retrieve the report within seconds and need not worry if it got deleted unknowingly. This helps in improving your business with valuable insights. And when it is stored on Cloud you can have access to the mail on the go. At SkySail Technologies we aim at improving the efficiency of companies by providing optimized storage solutions.

Enhanced Data Management

Dumping thousands of emails in your server space in primary storage over a short period reflects compromised efficiency and performance of your business tools. Just think about how valuable this internal storage space is, other than storing emails. Storing emails in an external environment such as a cloud has huge benefits beyond your imagination. It doesn’t squander the primary storage space. Also, cloud storage s is are cost-effective and retrieval is swift. And in case of a catastrophic server crash, you can at least let out a sigh of relief that your emails are safe and secure in the cloud. We provide tailor-made solutions to our clients so that all they have to worry about is effective running of the company.

Concurrence with Statutory Regulation

In accordance with data security and retention, each company will have its own set of standards and regulations, and to comply with these rules organizations have to protect data which includes emails. In times of crisis and need, the emails have to be easily retrievable which is achieved by archiving in the Cloud. AtWe, at SkySail technologies, we ensure that your data is protected and organized for hassle-free movement of daily processes.

Legal Support 

When the unexpected happens and your firm’s name is hooked in a legal proceeding it is essential to be safer than sorry. Email archives can be a savior and support in such cases. When the procedure of litigation recovery support starts you don’t want to search for years of mail and data at the time.This process can be both time consuming and very expensive.  It might cost you things beyond your thinking. A well-optimized email archive can save you during times of adversity like business audits, lawsuits, and litigation support. We are focused on keeping our clients always prepared to face any problem without difficulty.

Cloud and Safety go Hand in Hand

Have you ever forgotten your laptop at home,  and therefore not being able to does this mean that you cannot access your mail for the whole day? If yes, then the Cloud would comes to the rescue in such a situations. From large shutdowns to simple issues like mentioned above, storing emails in remote areas protects it from long term damage. In the case of uncompromising crashes, you will be better prepared.  need not start everything from square one. It will give your companies’ users an alternate solution to access emails when everything else is shut down. For safe clouds we have a dedicated team for ensuring safety around the clock.


With so much at stake, it is imperative that you have to archive your email in remote cloud storage for first-class data management and streamline running of business proceedings daily. We, a SkySail Technologies understands , know the importance of archiving and provides a multi-pronged technology solution to face digital hazards of any scale. With our tech-savvy, passionate, and talented experts we make sure that your business is safe and secure.