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About Us

We’re a Team of People Who Care, and Deliver Commercially-Savvy IT Across British Columbia.

In The Business of Helping Others

We’re an Honest, Friendly, and Dedicated Team, Using Our Expertise to Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

We believe great business outcomes go hand in hand with meaningful, honest, and respectful relationships. In the end, technology is about people – we’re here to enrich your team and customer’s lives through using our technical expertise, combined with that all important personal touch! 

Read on to find out more about the unique values that we hold close to our hearts, and what a partnership with SkySail can look like for your business.

SkySails Downtown Kelowna Sails Statue

Our Mission and Vision

Caring For People and Technology

Skysail’s mission is to make a positive impact on the world by helping others, nurturing strong relationships, and driving growth. We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients, vendors, staff, our community, and all individuals we encounter. 

Our vision is to create a thriving and successful business made up of a team of like-minded individuals who embrace a genuine culture of care. We aim to foster an environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of our team, clients, and all those that we come across. We are in business not only to create financial and commercial success, but to create tangible, positive lifestyle outcomes for our staff, clients, and community alike. 

Panoramic over Kelowna city with the seascape view

Our ambition is to make a positive impact on the world and others. We are conscious of how we impact our clients, the people they serve, and our community through our actions. 

We want to create an internal culture and contribute to a world that meaningfully embraces genuine relationships, respect, and care. In our view, these enrich business outcomes, rather than taking away from them.

By embracing human and commercial values, we strive to not only grow our business but to empower our clients, team, and community. 

Drone shot of buildings in Kelowna, British Columbia

Our approach can be summed up simply: 

We Care: about you and your business

We Listen: to you and the challenges

We Get It: we understand your pains

We Got You: we step up and get it done

body of water near field and trees during daytime at Kelowna Delta Grand Hotel

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Are the Fundamental Beliefs of Our Company and How We Approach Business, They Are:​

How Can I Help

Our success is intimately connected to our ability to help others. We go above and beyond for each of our clients to deliver exceptional and empowering IT solutions that help them to thrive.

One Team

We all contribute to your success individually, together. We cultivate an environment that encourages teamwork accountability, and support to create better outcomes for everyone.


We understand our work has a tangible impact on your business and your team's lives. We don't do shiny but unhelpful IT solutions, we do what it takes to empower your business and help your team to thrive.