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Unlock New Capabilities and Scalability, While Reducing Costs

The Sky's The Limit

Tap Into the Potential of the Cloud for Your Business

The Cloud enables businesses to become more efficient, productive and tap into new capabilities while lowering costs and barriers to scalability. Our cloud solutions include Microsoft 365 implementation and support, cloud server migrations and management, as well as remote desktop solutions. 

Curious to see what cloud solutions can achieve for your business? Get in touch with SkySail today to discover what is possible for your business. 

Increase Productivity

Cloud software and workplace platforms such as Microsoft 365 offer ample opportunities to streamline workflows, integrate tools and access new capabilities such as AI-assistance tools, and live collaboration, enabling your business to get ahead.

Lower Hosting Costs

Tap into lower upfront costs for your infrastructure, optimize data consumption and system performance, and adopt a 'pay for what you use' model that offers more exact, monthly-based pricing.

Scalability & Reliability

Unlock unlimited scalability and empower more reliable, powerful network services configured with failover mechanisms, ensuring your services run efficient, consistently, and can scale in real time with your needs.

Work Remotely, Securely

Enable your business to run its services with off-premise hosting, as well as develop remote working capabilities that provide your team with secure and efficient access to your hosted services.

Set Sail With The Cloud

Elevate Scalability, Performance and Productivity

Whether its modernizing your workplace, accessing more cost-efficient and scalable infrastructure, or enabling secure remote working, we offer a range of cloud implementation and management solutions that help businesses like yours to leverage the cloud for success.

Cloud Server Management

Get The Best From Your Hosting

We're able to take care of monitoring, optimizing and securing your cloud hosted servers; enabling your business to tap into improved network performance, alongside lower costs and downtime.

Microsoft 365

Modernize Your Workplace

Microsoft 365 is a powerful, versatile and highly scalable cloud workplace solution, bringing together Office's range of tools into one integrated, real-time platform that can integrate with third-party apps seamlessly.

Hosted Desktop

Access Desktops Remotely

Remote desktop solutions enable your team to securely log into an on-premise or virtual workstation from any location, as if they are at your office, providing great flexibility while keeping remote work under centralized management.

Cloud Security

Cloud-Enabled Security

Our cloud security solutions include robust user authentication processes for your hosted services, network and device security measures, secure cloud configuration measures, as well as 24/7 monitoring and maintenance.

Help Your Business To Achieve The Cloud

Empower Profitable Growth and Innovation.

We understand that every business is different and that the benefits of the Cloud will vary between them. In general, businesses can benefit from these range of key benefits by tapping into the power of the Cloud:

Lower Costs while delivering more value

Our cloud solutions enable businesses to lower their IT costs while also expanding the performance and capabilities of your technology, unlocking profitable growth that is unhindered by the constraints of traditional on-premise IT solutions. 

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Achieve More, Using Less

With cloud workplace solutions like Microsoft 365 offering real-time document editing, one real time file sharing and storage hub, smart search, AI-enabled features, third-party app integrations and much more. Cloud solutions can enable your business to take its collaboration and productivity to new heights. 

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Tap into the latest technologies and features

Cloud solutions unlock the door for your business to digitally transform. Connect your apps and systems together in real time, tap into new data analytics features, automation capabilities, remote working capabilities, and more. 

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Scale your services in real time

Cloud solutions enable your business to lower upfront costs and to pay more precisely for what it is using. Add new licenses at the push of a button on Microsoft 365, scale your data and services hosting up and down with real-time usage, and access seamless management of your cloud solutions on virtual platforms, making infrastructure and service management easier than ever before. 

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