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About You

Sharing the Same Dock

You’re Looking for a Partnership

Strong Relationships, Better Business

Perhaps you have worked with an IT support company before and found their commitment, proactivity, and approach a little wanting, or perhaps you’re looking for your first provider, one that can act as a real business technology partner to you and your team. If you’re looking for a IT partner that puts empathy, value, honest conversations, and genuine, enjoyable relationships at the forefront of their approach, SkySail could prove to be a fortuitous match!
Downtown Kelowna at the Dolphin statues
Drone shot of buildings in Kelowna, British Columbia

You’re Growing, and So Are Your Needs

Scalable Support, Dedicated Service, Tailored IT Solutions

Your business is growing and technical barriers are starting to crop up and get in the way. Perhaps you need to find and use technology to streamline your workflows and file management, make your network scalable and cyber-secure, boost speeds and reliability across your IT environment, and implement a technology roadmap that aligns with your evolving needs and growth plans. You need more than an IT support provider, you need a technology partner.

You Want To Use New Tech

Implement New Technology that Helps You to Succeed

Our team of multidisciplinary experts are able to translate desired business outcomes into powerful IT solutions. Whether it’s bringing your data together, applying analytics and displaying it all in handy visual dashboards, rolling out new apps and integrating them together, or developing customized systems and apps tailor-fitted to your business; SkySail offer the advanced capabilities that your business needs to leverage technology for success.

high-rise buildings in downtown kelowna and water in Kelowna
Downtown Kelowna at the sails.

You Share Our Values

Alignment for the Smooth and Rough Waters Alike​

You might have different goals and ways of working to us, but do share a belief in the importance of genuine, honest, and personable relationships. You’re not looking for a stiff-necked IT provider, but relatable and friendly people that you trust, enjoy working with, and can feel transparent around. 

We believe genuine and caring partnerships need not get in the way of great business outcomes, we believe they contribute to them! If you feel the same way and curious to see what our brand of IT can do for you and your team, we’d love to hear from you and have a conversation! 

Are you ready to set sail?

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values Are the Fundamental Beliefs of Our Company and How We Approach Business, They Are:

How Can I Help

Our success is intimately connected to our ability to help others. We go above and beyond for each of our clients to deliver exceptional and empowering IT solutions that help them to thrive.

One Team

We all contribute to your success individually, together. We cultivate an environment that encourages teamwork accountability, and support to create better outcomes for everyone.

Leave It BETTER Than We Found It

We understand our work has a tangible impact on your business and your team's lives. We don't do shiny but unhelpful IT solutions, we do what it takes to empower your business and help your team to thrive.