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Co-Managed IT Services

Enrich your Internal Technology and IT Capabilities.

Sail to success with a Crew You Can Trust

Natural Extensions of your IT Department.

Does your internal IT team have too much on their plate and not enough time? Need additional capabilities on your side from reliable experts that you can trust? Look no further! The SkySail crew stand ready to join ship as natural extensions of your IT crew, offering tailored support to help you to enjoy smoother sailing with technology. 

Whether you need us to serve as a can-do support crew, strategic navigators, or as IT project captains, we offer the capabilities that you need to succeed, alongside an unwavering dedication that you can count on.

Access Expertise

Gaps in expertise and resources can get in the way of achieving your IT goals, our friendly expert team are here to fill in these gaps and overcome the obstacles in your way.

Drive IT Project Success

Need consulting or practical support for your IT project? We can help you to steer your project into safe harbor! Empower successful projects that deliver on-time and in-budget.

Achieve More, With Less

Building and managing the internal capabilities that you need can be expensive and time-consuming; we're here to offer the deep expertise that empower your success, without breaking the bank.

Focus on Goals

By lifting and shifting IT burdens from your shoulders onto trustworthy experts, you unlock time and energy to work on tasks that move the strategic needle for your business's IT.

Co-Managed IT Solutions, Tailored to you

Services Uniquely Fitted to Your Business but Always Passionate and Committed, Our Team Stand Ready to Support Yours!

IT Helpdesk Support

1st to 3rd Line IT Support

Aligning with your processes and tools, our friendly team of experts can offer speedy and effective 1st to 3rd line helpdesk support to free up your team's time and bring in expertise that unknots your tech-tangles.

Cloud Management

Get More From The Cloud

We're able to support you with securing, optimizing and configuring your cloud infrastructure to meet your operational and strategic goals. We are experts in helping our clients to get the best from Azure's range of capabilities.

IT Projects

Roll Out Your Roadmap

We offer consulting and implementation support for a range of IT projects, including office moves, server migrations, as well as system and database integrations.

Data Protection

CyberSecurity Solutions

Leverage our expertise to implement policies, tools and processes that empower data protection and cybersecurity across your business.

Voyage to Success, With our Can-Do Crew!

A Value-Driven Service That You Can Count On.

We’re here to offer the best of care for your IT and your team. Our approach has caring, listening, understanding, and actioning at its core. As your co-managed IT partner, we put the question ‘how can I help?’ at the beating heart of our service, and diligently work to leave your IT better than how we found it.

Empower your voyage to success

Our co-managed IT service is here to make your team’s lives easier, help your business to achieve its goals, and provide exceptional and scalable IT support that your business can count on. 

Panoramic over Kelowna - SkySail Technologies Providing IT Support and Cyber Security

Cost-Effective Support, Predictable Costs

With our co-managed service, you can access the support that you need to drive success while predictably spending less, compared to building and maintaining internal capabilities. 

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Focus on Tasks that move the needle

Let go of the IT tasks that are taking up your internal team’s time and energy, and instead focus on the work that empowers your IT department to achieve its strategic goals. 

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Personalized expert support you can count on

Our friendly team of IT experts are one that your team will love working with. We put relationships, honest conversations, and business outcomes for your business at the forefront of our support, enabling us to be an IT partner that empowers your team and success. 

Blue sky and white clouds during daytime in Kelowna

Are You Ready To Set Sail?

Need a Hand With a Tech Challenge? Have Questions? We’re Here to Listen and Help! It All Starts With a Conversation.​