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Secure your business from today's cyber pirates

Focus on Success and what you do best

Empower Continuity, Never Run Aground!

Cybersecurity is not just about minimizing risks and keeping your business in calm waters, it’s also an opportunity to cultivate enhanced trust and empower relationships that contribute to your success. 

We offer a full cybersecurity solution for businesses, covering your users, devices, networks, applications, and servers, offering a holistic shield for your digital premises, with multiple layers of protection. 

Minimize cyber risks

Malfunctions and cyber attacks alike can cause big costs and disrupt your business; by mitigating these risks, you can ensure your business is resilient and secure.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure that your business stays up and running by having safeguards in place that enable your business to swiftly resume sailing, even when the unexpected happens.

Protect Trust

A cyber secure posture enables you to preserve and continue strengthening the relationships that your business has with its customers, suppliers, and partners.

Empower Compliance

Use tools that empower and assure compliance with data protection regulations such as PIPEDA and the Privacy Act.

Cybersecurity for Your Devices, Users and Data

Full Protection for Your Business From All Sides.

We offer a full business cybersecurity solution, designed to keep your crew, sails and digital cargo secure and sailing on top of smooth seas. We offer endpoint protection, user awareness training, backup & disaster recovery solutions, and virus protection.

Endpoint Protection

Secure Your Devices

We implement tools that monitor the cyber health vitals of your workplace and network devices such as your servers, detecting anomalies and threats alike and thwarting them before they can impact your business.

User Awareness Training

Empower Your Team

Most cyber attacks are connected to user error and phishing. Our training services transform your people into your greatest cybersecurity asset, teaching and testing security best practices and how to detect phishing emails.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Secure and Restore Your Data

We ensure your data is regularly backed up in secure locations and that it can be swiftly recovered when needed. Greatly enhance resilience against disruptions, ransomware threats, and data loss incidents.

Network and Virus Protection

A Secure Foundation

Our network security services survey your network for vulnerabilities and addresses them, lowering your business's exposure to potential networking issues and cyber threats alike.

Ensuring Security and Success

Secure Your Ship, No Matter the Weather.

In today’s world, investing in cybersecurity is key for sustaining success and minimizing risks. Although the number and intelligence of today’s cyber pirates is increasing, so too are the solutions. Our cybersecurity solutions help your business to access:

Minimize Risks, Focus on Success

Alongside avoiding the potential financial, operational, reputational, and legal consequences of cyber incidents and attacks, our cybersecurity solutions lower both the chances and the impact of them on your business.  

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Keep Your Sails Up

By having reliable network contingencies and data backups in place, your business will always be able to quickly restore and resume its operations even when the unexpected happens.  

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Secure Your Stakeholders, and Your Reputation

Trust can be hard-won but easily lost. Our cybersecurity solutions are here to safeguard your relationships and reputation from harm by keeping your business’s technology secure from threats and disruptions. 

Drone shot of buildings in Kelowna, British Columbia

Empower Data Protection Compliance

Protecting sensitive data is essential for trust, compliance, and success today. We implement measures that keep your data secure from prying eyes and can tailor solutions to help you to monitor, enforce, and demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations. 

Drone shot of buildings in Kelowna, British Columbia

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