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IT Support.

Proactive and Empowering IT Support From People That Care.

Attain Smooth Sailing

Make Technology Work for You and Your Team.

We all rely on tech to deliver for our customers and to get work done, but it can get too complicated to manage. All of a sudden, you’re managing your tech more than your business, things are not working as well as they should, and obstacles to growth and improvement start getting in the way. 

We’re here to translate technology into smooth sailing for your team, making your IT efficient, convenient, easy to use, and secure for your business, all with truly personalized support from a team fully committed to your success. 

Maximise Performance

Say goodbye to downtime and disruptions, say hello to reliable and better performing tech that gives your team time and enables them to focus on what they do best.

Access Swift Support

Our friendly team will be there to offer fast response times and proactive support with a range of issues. Difficulties with devices, hosting, or apps? No problem! Our team will be ready and able to tackle your tech-challenges.

Above & Beyond Support

We all know how big of a difference personal and proactive service can make for creating better outcomes and smiling faces! IT support like this creates a smooth and joyful experience with technology.

Cost-Effective Support

Access IT support for your whole IT estate at a cost-efficient and predictable cost. Access unlimited IT support each month and greatly expand your IT expertise with support tailored to your business.

IT Support From A Team You'll Love Working With

Get Your Business on the Right Track with the Power of Technology

We’re a committed team who are always asking ‘how can I help’, creating solutions that lead to better experiences and systems for your business. Our IT support service includes these key elements: 

Helpdesk & On-Site Support

Remote and Local Support

Whatever tech-tangle you're facing, you'll be able to reach out to our team, get a swift response, and solutions that get to the root-cause of your IT challenges.

Network Monitoring & Support

Ensuring Better Performance

We'll monitor, maintain and optimize your IT devices, network and apps to work at their best for your business, ensuring uptime and better performance.

Technology Road Map

Set Sail to Success

We'll provide strategic consultations that lead to actionable roadmaps for your infrastructure, hardware and software, that enable you to harness technology to achieve your goals.

Team Training

Empower Your People

We offer training for any IT systems that we implement and user awareness training that empowers your people to follow cybersecurity best practices and detect common and sophisticated phishing threats alike.

The Breeze Behind Your Sails

Make Technology an Enabler for Your Team and Business’s Success

Elevate efficiency and performance, lower costs, align your growth with your technology, and gain access to a holistic team of experts who are passionate about your success. 

Unfurl Your IT to Full-Mast

With our proactive support, we tech-care of your IT and keep it working at its best, anticipating issues before they can cause disruptions. Bring downtime down, elevate productivity, network speeds and reliability, and resolve IT challenges more quickly, and empower your team to do their best work.

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Create More Value, At Lower Cost

Whether it’s optimizing your cloud hosting’s usage of data, unlocking more time for your team, and helping you to make the right strategic investments that deliver the best bang for your buck, we will not only help you to achieve more, we will help you to use less. 

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Keep Cyber-Pirates at Bay

Our IT support will keep your ship safe and free from leaking data by keeping it clear from hitting technical reefs and falling prey to today’s cyber pirates. We do this by keeping your network and devices up to date and secured with layers of protective measures. 

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A Team That Care

We value nurturing and caring, a practice that we follow closely in our business and for each of our clients. When you work with SkySail, you won’t just have a proactive and ambitious team on your side, you’ll have dedicated partners that offer a human, personalized service that fosters great commercial outcomes, and exceptional experiences.  

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Our Technology Partners.

Are You Ready to Set Sail?

Need a Hand With a Tech Challenge? Have Questions? We’re Here to Listen and Help! It All Starts With a Conversation.